About Home Town Farms®

The vision for Home Town Farms® grew out of a concern about the lack of nutritious food in this country and the enormous amount of water, fuel and other natural resources used to grow it.

Our approach is simple but powerful.

After years of research all over the globe, we discovered there were highly efficient growing systems already being used on large scale farms in other parts of the world that could be scaled down for use in urban areas. Home Town Farms® adapted these proven technologies and by bringing them to densely populated U.S. cities and urban areas we are able to grow and sell affordable, locally grown, nutritious, and great tasting produce where the demand is greatest.

Home Town Farm’s® approach is perfect for urban environments because our flexible growing technology allows us to grow and sell produce directly to local businesses and families in any community. Our farms can be set up on parking lots, rooftops, open land or any unused space. The savings are passed on to the consumer, allowing everyone to afford locally grown, high quality vegetables and berries.

Home Town Farms® is part of and supports the growing community garden, local farming and farm to table movement. Our mission is to help increase the availability of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Home Town Farms® is committed to bringing this new vertical organic urban farming business to the United States. Please join us in making this happen.

Benefits to the Community

Home Town Farms’® farming methods offer many benefits to the communities we serve:

  • Lower costs means that all consumers can afford locally grown organic produce.
  • Higher food nutrient content since produce is picked when ripe.
  • Local sustainable jobs; that stay local.
  • Local supply of food in case of food shortages or disruption in the food supply.
  • No chemicals in your food by eliminating the use of herbicides and pesticides.
  • Less processing and handling increases food safety.

Benefits for the Environment

Our growing technologies work above ground and are not dependent on existing ground soil, allowing us to make use of a variety of spaces for food production. Compared to conventional farming methods, Home Town Farms’® growing systems generate remarkable environmental benefits.

  • 85% less water required.
  • 90% less fuel consumption.
  • 90% less carbon footprint because of reduced fuel consumption.
  • 80% less fertilizer consumed.
  • 70% less land required.