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Home Town Farms® is offering California residents, who are accredited investors, the opportunity to invest in a healthier future, by investing in Home Town Farms®. Home Town Farms® is leading the way in bringing Retail Farming to California. Retail Farming is simply the ability to efficiently grow large quantities of organic fresh produce where you sell it; allowing the freshest vine ripened organic produce to be sold at non-organic every day pricing. Home Town Farms® is looking to build a nationally recognized brand in the new Retail Farming Industry.

Home Town Farms® is the grower, distributor and retailer – a system that is on average 80% more efficient than conventional farming and the current distribution system.  Our competitive advantages include fresher, more delicious produce, far greater economic and environmental efficiency, organic and chemical-free production, a wide variety of produce offered at one location, the ultimate in local production, and prices comparable to non-organic grocery store produce.  The key is our ability to combine innovative vertical growing systems with direct to consumer sales through our retail stores. Our retail stores are attached to our greenhouses which will be located in high traffic city and urban locations. The type and variety of produce grown at each Retail Farm is tailored to match the current demand for each neighborhood. Each Retail Farm is designed to supply about a 5 mile radius, drastically reducing distribution and handling costs.  Home Town Farms® will make it easier and more affordable for people to purchase their locally grown organic produce 7 days a week. Home Town Farms® will also sell directly to local companies including, restaurants, schools, hospitals and military bases.

Our first Retail Farm is centrally located in the fast-growing City of Vista, in San Diego County.  Significant investment to date means the land is leased, permits are in hand to start construction, the greenhouse and growing equipment are owned, and the management team is in place.  The proceeds from this investment go to building and opening the Retail Farm.  Home Town Farms® has a unique business model, positioning it to be the leader in the new Retail Farm industry.

Retail Farming improves the health of our society, protects the environment, creates jobs, reduces the cost of fresh produce and offers a good return to investors; a win for all of us. To learn more about Home Town Farms and Retail Farming click here.

Home Town Farms® represents the ability to invest in a local company that makes a positive change in the local community. To read the latest News about our Current Investors and Supporters click here. For additional information about our World Class Team click here.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as part of the Jobs Act of 2012 has now changed Rule 506.  This new rule takes effect on September 23rd, 2013 and allows companies in good standings to openly advertise for accredited investors; For the SEC web site and definition of an accredited investor Click Here

Accredited investors can also use their IRA and 401K to invest in Home Town Farms®.
SEC required statements; The securities may be sold only to accredited investors. Investing in securities involves risk and investors should be able to bear the loss of their investment.

Accredited investors, who are a resident of California, please contact Home Town Farms® for an investment package. This package will provide all the information about Home Town Farms®, the Retail Farm Industry and the investment opportunity.

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Dan Gibbs