Home Town Farms & Mother Nature

Home Town Farms delivers Mother Nature’s finest directly to you

Home Town Farms invites Mother Nature into our greenhouse to ensure you get the best tasting locally grown, vine ripened organic produce. We allow our fruits and vegetables to vine ripen in order to be full of flavor as well as all the vital nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy and active.

Our grower, Mike Castro believes that Mother Nature has perfected the best way to grow the best tasting most nutritious vegetables and berries. Our plants are grown in a sustainable organic growing medium where we create an ecosystem that makes nutrients available to the plant like in Nature. The plants thrive because they receive the nutrients the way Mother Nature intended. Bees are used to pollenate our greenhouse plants and beneficial insects eliminate unwanted pests that attack our vegetable and berry plants. We provide great tasting very nutritious produce from happy plants.

Home Town Farms Greenhouse in San Marcos has 130,000 square feet of automated climate controlled growing space. We combine a natural ecosystem with 21st century technology to produce consistent quantity and quality of vegetables and berries to ensure a year round supply of local produce.

Examples of Growing Systems That We Use