Meet Your Farmer

Mike’s favorite saying; “Invite Mother Nature into the greenhouse and she will help you grow the most delicious, locally grown, nutrient rich organic vegetables and berries possible.”

Mike has over 35 years of commercial growing experience in over 20 countries. He has been the grower and grower supervisor on farming operations as large as 20,000 acres. He has a degree in Crop Science with a concentration in Vegetables. He is also an organic inspector.

“My goal is to provide you and your customers the best tasting produce that makes you want to come back for more.”

Our Locally Grown Organic Produce

Home Town Farms Certification/Membership

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Organic Certification by “A-Bee Organic”
  • Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.)
  • County of San Diego Certified Producer
  • SD County Farm Bureau Member
  • SD County Farm Bureau “365 Local” grower certification
  • SD County Pesticide Operator Permit
  • Food Handler Certificate

Where To Buy Our Produce

  • On location
  • Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 4 PM
  • Saturday 9 AM to 3 PM
  • 2075 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd, San Marcos, CA 92069
  • Whole Foods
  • Jimbos Naturally
  • Barrons
  • OB Peoples Food Store
  • Roots Market