Egg Plant


Egg Plant

The versatile eggplant is found in dishes around the world, from Italy to the Middle East and Asia. Their creamy flesh blends well with a dazzling array of flavors whether baked, roasted, stuffed, or fried, perfect for your favorite dish or for the creative cook to try something new. Good food needs great ingredients. Eggplants have a short shelf life and don’t last forever in the frig, so they’re best freshest like ours rather than trucked from afar. With Home Town Farms eggplants delivered in top form, you know the flavor will be the best.

Most Varieties Available Year Around – Call For Availability

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Italian
  • Black Globe

Food Service / Wholesale Pack Size

  • 22lb Box

Retail Pack Size

  • Per Pound