Home Town Farms invites Mother Nature into our greenhouses to help us grow gorgeous organic tomatoes bursting with flavor and nutrients. While most tomatoes are picked green and shipped countless miles to the grocery store, our tomatoes are ripened and picked at their peak and delivered still loaded with everything that makes great tomatoes great. Locally grown and organic, these flavorful beauties are sure to please. With this kind of gourmet goodness filling your favorite dishes all year round, settling for an average tomato just won’t do. One taste and you’ll never think of tomatoes the same way again.

Most Varieties Available Year Around – Call For Availability

  • Cluster
  • Round
  • Grape
  • Cherry
  • Pear
  • Heirloom
  • Roma

Food Service / Wholesale Pack Size

  • Cluster – 10lb Box
  • Round – 22lb Box
  • Grape – 12×1 Pint Clam
  • Cherry – 12×1 Pint Clam
  • Pear – 12×1 Pint Clam
  • Heirloom – 10lb Box
  • Roma – 22lb Box

Retail Pack Size

  • Per Pound